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How It Works


Drip irrigation Cambodia system is the most effective innovation that seeps water slowly into the soil drop by drop; it takes water directly to the root zone of a plant. The gradual process of delivering water ensures there is no surface runoff or evaporation, and enhance the capacity of soil particles to absorb and hold water for plants.

Drip Irrigation Cambodia


Our prices for fully functional, automatic drip irrigation system are affordable and completely transparent. You’re free from spending extra expenses for water pump, water filters or enlisting someone to pump water to irrigate your land every day.


We do not compromise the quality of our product. We offer only top-notch drip irrigation products that stand the taste of time. All our key materials are superior component that is developed in Israel (World leader in agriculture sector).

Why work with us?

For the price of a regular drip irrigation in Cambodia, we will give you much more:

Water Pump

The size of your land and crop type will determine the water pump that will be installed. We will analyze to get the correct amount of water daily usage and install the right equipment for you.

Irrigation Controller

The controller is the brain of your irrigation system. It manages all the process of your irrigation from start to finish. The system helps to eliminate the stress of irrigation.

 Pre Pump Water Filter

It’s the first step of our complex water filtering system which ensures that your drip irrigation system is safe from damage from small fish or insect, water plants or any other garbage’s.

 Light-proof Sump

This is a second step in our water filtering system.  A 7-meter depth light-proof sump is dig to ensure that no living organisms will be able enter your drip irrigation system to block the water flow.

Screen Filtration Unit

The third step of water filtering. Self-cleaning, screen filter will prepare water for fertigation and PH level adjustment.

Mix-rate Fertigation Pump

Together with drip irrigation, the injection pump enables you to provide additional fertilizer to each corps on your land and enhance PH adjustment to maximize the growing of your crops.

Disk Filtration Unit

The fourth step water filtering system. Disk filters help to eliminate any possible contaminants that could enter the system during fertilization injection.

 Automation Unit

The main controller controls the automation units and divides your land into zones. The size of each zone determines the amount of water and fertilizers that will be supplied to it. Lastly, it also contains a pressure regulator and water filter to ensure that your drip line is not stuck and longevity is guaranteed.

Whether you are small or large farmer, an agricultural cooperative or large enterprise company looking for a tailor-made solution,
we have a solution for you.


Core futures of drip irrigation

 Complete support for all crops: fruit, vegetables, grains and other.

Deep Root Irrigation

Water is essential for all plants, and a drip irrigation system combined with a computer controller enhances the water supply that your plants need for healthy growth, saving you both water and money.


Grow More

With drip irrigation, the quality and the quantity of your crops can increase by 20%-90%.

Fertilizing Icon

Better Fertilizing

Spend less on fertilizers. Fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to localized application and reduced leaching.

Landscape icon

Fit to Any Landscape

No matter the landscape, Drip irrigation system will perform it optimal function on farmland, container gardens, vegetable rows and perfect lawn. A drip irrigation system can expand as your garden or farmland expands.

Simple, but powerful. Boost your farm performance now with modern drip irrigation system.

Rothy en

I heard about Agro Cambodia from our neighbors. I contact them and within a few days we was discussing a detailed plan on how to build a drip irrigation on half of my land. The job was done very quick and professional. Thank you, I’m very happy with a result.

Rothy Ouk

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